Integrated Marketing:

Whatever You Do, Be Consistent!

Branding; Knowing what you stand for and bringing it to life
By Ann Generlich, Director AG Collaboration

AG Collaboration : integrated marketing What is the secret key to growth? A sensible starting point is to know what your brand stands for and how to bring it to life.

The destiny of branding is built on intelligent connections with the customer. Its future belongs to storytellers, who understand the hero's journey in the context of a modern technology driven life. We need to share control with our customers, decode their needs, then find the right communication techniques to engage with them. It is all about insight, understanding and empowerment. Only those brands who understand how to satisfy a smart, savvy and informed consumer/customer, stand out from the brand crowd, by being the same but different.

The process of differentiating our brands never stops. Each time we innovate and push against convention, we stretch known boundaries and redefine the edges. It's a fine balancing act and the challenge is to stay grounded and connected. Push too far, and we'll lose. Don't push far enough, we'll lose.

Our customers now have a louder and more unified voice than ever before. This creates a clear demand for strengthened dialogue, empathy and understanding. In years to come, brands will worry less about positioning to match the audience, but more about matching purpose to actions. Authenticity will finally be what great brands are, rather than what great brands aspire to be.

Insight and customer experience define what our brands stand for. It helps us redefine our values, tone of voice, identity and brand message to create a powerful brand strategy, maintained by consistency throughout all of our communications. The only way to build a strong brand of the future with advocacy is to not only to be bold and different, but to build it from the inside out, engage with our audiences' needs, so that trust can be nurtured.

Poet Maya Angelou was right: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". As customers, we expect 'like-mindedness' loyalty and trust, we often choose a brand that shares our values, that helps us redefine our vision. For us a brand doesn't just stand for something, it also cares about something and triggers positive change in our behaviour.

Let's guide our customers through complex decisions and a frictionless customer journey. To stand out from industry noise, we must craft content with emotion-driven stories. Take the human-centred approach. Match your content with the customer's life experiences. After all, perception is the door through which our marketing activities enter the mind of the customer. Place them at the heart of all your marketing initiatives and be the brand your customers want you to be.

AG Collaboration will help you decode your customers, build the bridge between marketing and branding to create a consistent brand promise and a trustworthy dialogue. We believe that only a strong emotional connection can create valuable brand equity and fierce brand loyalty.

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